Adventures in font design

Today I tried my hand at font design. I started with the wonderful FontLabs tools. I know there are tools like FontForge and MFEQ/MFEK but I wanted to try the most feature complete tools so it could "hold my hand" so to speak. I wanted to learn by recreating the font in a famous cartoon (bonus points if you guess which):

The documentation was useful enough for me to jump in quickly. However my skills are not yet to par, and it shows:

I will obvously try to improve quality as I learn more about fonts, but its been fun so far. On the flipside, this has made me learn why myfonts has strong anti piracy protection. It must be so much work perfecting every single letter.

Some tips for people using it:

There is a text mode, so you can test how the graph looks (as you create glyphs).

Some things I have to figure out:

Why when making a rectangle, you can't create lines from the rectangle? There has to be a way to do it that I am missing. For now I have to create a separate closure, then put the edges very close to the rectangle, then fill color for that one as well.

How do you make the outline stay there even after you draw a point? It's useful to have that transparent copy of the letter i'm making for reference.


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