Truth about celebrity "phone numbers"

Sometimes on the internet you will see celebrities giving out "their" "phone number". People who have done this include Ninja, Dhar Mann, and other Youtubers and celebrities (real life and internet ones). However, obviously they are not giving out their real phone numbers. If they did they would be constantly be bombarded with texts and calls. At the very least you would be forgiven for thinking that they had a second phone number just to give out, and some people do take this approach. However the amount of celebrities that do is very rare. The situation I will lay out next is the far more common approach.

The most common solution with 99% of celebrities that give out their "phone numbers" have a service called where they get a “virtual” phone number which basically works like email or Instagram DMs.  The only difference is that you text them instead of using email/Instagram interface. But on their end is like they are receiving a email, so its not like they get an instant notification that you sent them a message or will see it instantly, which is kind of the vibe that texting gives off.

An actual screenshot of what looks like to the celebrity.

Keep in mind that supports Github organization-like account structures where multiple people can go in and respond to messages so there is a high chance that the celebrity is not the one responding to you. also asks for some personal information whenever you text some celebrity so i guess it doubles as a data mining scheme as well. Now, how do you know if the celebrity is giving an actual phone number? Simple. Just go on (disable your adblocker or else site doesn’t work) or use Stuff Software’s  ( number portability checker. 

If you see something like Verizon Wireless, ATT wireless, or another actual carrier, then its a good sign its an actual phone number.  Now of course, like I said before, it is entirely possible they have a separate phone with a real phone number that they don’t look at often, but at least you know its going to a real phone.

If it says something like VoIP,, Twillo, or some other company you probably haven’t heard before , its a “fake” number. This could also be a useful tool to see if someone is giving you a fake phone number (as in, made up number because they don’t want to give you real one for some reason). Of course Ninja's and Dhar Mann's number fall under this category.

In general, it seems like the demand for "influencer services" is really growing. There are companies specializing in influencer donation services and streaming software (who couldn't forget Streamlabs Donations and Emotes along with their custom Gstreamer fork just for egirl streamers?). Also don't forget the  "influencer" special credit card (with no annual fees and no interest fees but whole bill needs to be paid every month - maybe its a good idea for all us laymen as well)

Reminds me of how many of the same influencers demand free stuff because they are "influencers" and have followings.


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