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Duck Corp Part 2: On2 Technologies

 Around the late 90s, the Duck Corporation undergoes a rebranding to the On2 Corporation. The reasoning behind this is unknown, but that’s besides the point. With a new name, comes with a new focus. Around this time in history, internet streaming began to take off. People thought the idea of making your own videos, teleconfercing, etc.. was gaining traction. And the internet started to get faster as (A)DSL and cable systems started to adopt the idea of internet.  One of their first moves was to drop the “truemotion” moniker from their codecs and just use the VP* scheme for their codecs, although they would still be refereed to both internally and many by the field as “truemotion” (Even i still like to call it truemotion). During this time, media was also starting to become more open., Gstreamer, and FFmpeg were all promising projects started around this time, showing that the demand for media that “just works” was growing. On2 gave in to this by gifting one of their codecs to